How to compare two online text files using Google docs

When you go online you might have an issue finding an exclusive tool to point out revisions and compare two text files. You might have heard of Altova DiffDog and ExamDiff however these tools allow for only offline desktop comparison. Google Docs gives you the solution. In order to compare two text files containing source

Google Play outruns Apple Store in App count

Slow and steady, Google has managed to overtake Apple in its race to home greater apps than its counterpart. Google Play is taking over the Android market with its awesome apps which have outgrown in count in comparison to Apple’s App store. Apple has had a strong hold over the mobile app market. However Google

Samsung launches 360 degree Ring Speakers

With loads of revelations in the visual arena, Samsung now sets foot in the audio field innovations. Samsung has geared up for its latest launch, a 360 degree ring speaker, at the upcoming CES in LAS VEGAS. In-vogue audio products will catch the limelight at the 2015 CES with Samsung bringing in two of its

Shading alternate rows of Google Spreadsheet

If you have been experimenting with one of the many features of Google docs it is obvious to be awestruck with how much you can do this web tool. In yesteryears what you did with excel sheet was to enter rows of data and apply simple transformations to it. However the latest version of excel

YouTube’s offline version launched in India

For all those of you who have been expecting an offline version of YouTube, here’s some good news! Now YouTube videos will be made available offline for Android and iOS devices in India. YouTube has launched this most awaited feature for the anxious users in India. This version allows users to download their favorite videos
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