How to compare two online text files using Google docs

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, with national sides making their final preparations ahead of this summer’s tournament.

We now know the groups after December’s draw. England have been put together with Belgium, Tunisia and Panama in Group G.

Gareth Southgate’s side were not among the top seeds, meaning they featured in pot two during the proceedings.

And with England’s route now mapped out, Southgate will be able to ramp up preparations for the 2018 tournament. 2018 World cup, football News ,Gaming ,Betscore ,Casino …

Google Play outruns Apple Store in App count

Slow and steady, Google has managed to overtake Apple in its race to home greater apps than its counterpart. Google Play is taking over the Android market with its awesome apps which have outgrown in count in comparison to Apple’s App store. Apple has had a strong hold over the mobile app market. However Google has left Apple way behind with exciting apps getting loaded into its play store probably every other day.


Google becomes the official winner in housing more number of apps in comparison to other play stores. The number of apps in Google playstore has grown by a jaw-dropping 50% last year. Google play held close to 1,250k apps in 2014 leaving behind app stores of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Google Play scores over the others for the fact that iTunes and Google Play are core apps whereas its counterparts like Amazon Appstore comes preinstalled in a selected few Blackberry phones only.

This year the Google play store will be overwhelmed with even more awesome apps making it the invincible in the app market. Others have to sweat it out a bit more to stay in the race to the top.

Samsung launches 360 degree Ring Speakers

With loads of revelations in the visual arena, Samsung now sets foot in the audio field innovations. Samsung has geared up for its latest launch, a 360 degree ring speaker, at the upcoming CES in LAS VEGAS.

In-vogue audio products will catch the limelight at the 2015 CES with Samsung bringing in two of its contemporary launches, the WAM7500/6500 and a pile up of curved sound bars.

samsung speakers

The WAM6500 model is portable whereas the WAM7500 is a desktop one. When you look into the configuration of the two models both come with a ‘RING RADIATOR’ which allows sound to flow from a 360 degree angle giving a balance between treble and bass sounds. These speakers will come from the audio lab of Samsung headquartered in Valencia California.

The curved sound bar launches will find newer varieties of audio systems to back up its stunning curved TV’s. The 8k, 6.5k and 6.k series is designed perfectly to partner the curved TV’s.

These ring speakers from Samsung will bring to the doorstep of music lovers great quality music stuffed with more awesome features like wireless connectivity and much more.

So here’s your chance to enjoy music like never before with the 360 degree ring speakers from Samsung!

Shading alternate rows of Google Spreadsheet

If you have been experimenting with one of the many features of Google docs it is obvious to be awestruck with how much you can do this web tool. In yesteryears what you did with excel sheet was to enter rows of data and apply simple transformations to it. However the latest version of excel from Microsoft does everything from applying formulas to importing docs from anywhere onto your excel sheet.


Your desktop being static, Google has induced this tool into the Web making documents-anywhere-anytime feature even more versatile. If you have worked with Google sheet you might have by now been familiar with many of its convenient features.

Here we have one such handy tip for you make using Google Docs easier. For those who maintain data in a very organized manner coloring alternate rows of Google spreadsheet may make it even more convenient. Now doing that manually is quite a herculean task.

Just follow these simple steps and shade alternate rows of Google Spreadsheet without having to really do much!

1. Open Google spreadsheet and select ‘Conditional formatting’ option from the ‘Format’ menu.
2. Now select ‘Custom Formula’ from the sub-menu
3 . Enter the following formula into the text box for shading even rows and select a background color for the same
You need to specify a range to apply color for even rows
4. Now for odd rows enter the following formula, select any bgcolor of your choice and choose the range as well
Just save the conditions applied and check results

With the two simple formula wherein you whether rows are even or odd you would have colored alternate rows of a spreadsheet within a blink of an eye!

YouTube’s offline version launched in India

For all those of you who have been expecting an offline version of YouTube, here’s some good news! Now YouTube videos will be made available offline for Android and iOS devices in India. YouTube has launched this most awaited feature for the anxious users in India. This version allows users to download their favorite videos on Android or iOS which is ready for future viewing without the internet. All that users have to do is to sync with YouTube to watch their favorite videos.

To view the downloaded video you will have to play it via the YouTube app. You can download the app through Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. However the videos will be active offline only for a duration of 48 hours within which the videos have to be viewed else the offline version of the video shall expire. Users have to keep this tip in mind in order to avoid any issues pertaining to the download of copyrighted content on YouTube.
Almost all of India’s popular YouTube videos are ready for offline viewing. Mobile device is set to offer a phenomenal launch pad for the future of internet. In India the scope for internet penetration is huge with the country’s population contributing to a 5 billion video views per month. With the launch of the offline version of YouTube, tech giants are keen on setting new benchmarks in enhancing user experience. The offline version will help users overcome cost and speed issues which have been quite a barrier in streaming YouTube videos.
YouTube’s offline version release will help connect to a greater user network and add to the popularity of one of the largest video sharing platforms on the internet.