Google Play outruns Apple Store in App count

Slow and steady, Google has managed to overtake Apple in its race to home greater apps than its counterpart. Google Play is taking over the Android market with its awesome apps which have outgrown in count in comparison to Apple’s App store. Apple has had a strong hold over the mobile app market. However Google has left Apple way behind with exciting apps getting loaded into its play store probably every other day.


Google becomes the official winner in housing more number of apps in comparison to other play stores. The number of apps in Google playstore has grown by a jaw-dropping 50% last year. Google play held close to 1,250k apps in 2014 leaving behind app stores of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Google Play scores over the others for the fact that iTunes and Google Play are core apps whereas its counterparts like Amazon Appstore comes preinstalled in a selected few Blackberry phones only.

This year the Google play store will be overwhelmed with even more awesome apps making it the invincible in the app market. Others have to sweat it out a bit more to stay in the race to the top.