How to compare two online text files using Google docs

When you go online you might have an issue finding an exclusive tool to point out revisions and compare two text files. You might have heard of Altova DiffDog and ExamDiff however these tools allow for only offline desktop comparison. Google Docs gives you the solution.
In order to compare two text files containing source codes using Google Docs all you have to do is to follow the steps given below…


1. Generate a new document in Google Doc and copy paste the contents of the first file into it.
2. Save the first Google Doc.
3. Now open your second .txt file and move its content to the clipboard.
4. Open Google Docs that you created in step 1 and just replace and overwrite the contents present in the Doc with the contents of the clipboard and save.
5. Now just go to the ‘Revisions’ tab of Google Docs and select both the .txt files and tick ‘Compare Checked’.

The differences between the two text files content will be displayed with highlights. Though this is not as efficient as the desktop tools, this trick comes into handy for text files having minor differences. Handy one isn’t it?