Learn How to Add Custom Words To Samsung Galaxy S3 Dictionary

Samsung Galaxy S3 has an amazing feature which is auto-complete. Auto-complete is very helpful in saving time. You can also add custom words to your Samsung Galaxy S3 auto-complete dictionary by following below mentioned steps.

1. First select the Settings app from the Galaxy S3 home screen.

2. Now scroll down and select Language & keyboard.

3. Now tap Personal dictionary>Edit personal dictionary> and then the plus icon.

4. Finally enter the word or phrase you want to add and tap OK.

Note: If above steps do not work for you then you can try with following steps (Recommended by Bo-Ho Kim)

Settings–> language and input–> Samsung keyboard settings–> predictive text (click on the actual list item, not the toggle button)–> my word list

So by following above mentioned steps, you can easily add custom words to Galaxy S3 and your phrase or word will now appear in the auto-complete dictionary.

  • Confused S3 user

    Im not sure if its because I have the Australian version or something, but when I go to my settings it has a ‘Language and Input’ option and when I go into that it doesnt have a ‘personal dictionary’ option?

    • Mlivetech

      I am very sorry that this post couldnt help you but above mentioned steps working fine for me. In case if you find the solution at your own for your galaxy s3, please let us know so that we can help other readers who are seeking solution for this issue

    • lost

      Mine too! I also have a “language and input” option with no option for dictionary edits. I haven’t been able to find anyone else with the same issue.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bohokim Bo-Ho Kim

      Settings, language and input, Samsung keyboard settings, predictive text (click on the actual list item, not the toggle button), my word list.

      • Raj

        did navigation Settings ->language and input ->Samsung keyboard settings -> predictive text (click on the actual list item, not the toggle button) ->my word list worked for you.

      • Valamour

        THANKS SO MUCH MY GOD was having so much trouble with this !!! AAAERRRHHH HEHEHEH THANKS !

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