How to create a public folder allowing anyone to add files

How to create a public folder

The concept of shared folders came into common usage with the launch of collaborative tools like Dropbox and SkyDrive. These tools allow you to place a file in a folder that is shared between the members of the group. Anyone can place files into this shared folder which can be viewed by members who are a part of the group or a contributor. Its like a common container from which members pick and drop content in the form of files or folders.
However Dropbox and SkyDrive come with a limitation while sharing folders. For an individual to share or view a folder he/she must be invited to the group as a contributor. To overcome this limitation of using shared folders, ‘OneTimeBox’, came on floor a few months back. This web app simplified the whole process of using shared files by allowing anyone with the unique URL to view or share folders. A disposable public folder is created by the app which allows anyone with the URL to share folders.
There is no need to register or invite members to share folders. All you have to do is to share the URL of the folder with the chosen members and they will be given complete access to the folders. Members with the URL can add, delete and share folders with anyone, anytime! The members are also given permission to delete files within the folder or the folder itself.
OneTimeBox is designed using Meteor.js and the source code is made available to the public on Github. This app makes use of Filepicker API and Amazon’s S3 services for file storage on cloud. The app comes with a user-friendly design and does not support file adding from mobile devices. OneTimeBox is considered to be a better alternative to the other two collaboration tools.

How to play YouTube videos in the background on your iPad/iPhone

YouTube-A website with a huge video library, plays on probably any device. You can watch your favorite video on YouTube by allowing it to stream in the background. You do not have to close YouTube if you want to work on other important tasks on your desktop. However this is possible only with your desktop. When you watch YouTube videos on your mobile device, you will have to stop the application and then do your other tasks.  The video doesn’t play in the background in your mobile device unlike the desktop. You can neither hear the audio since YouTube shuts down when you switch between tasks.

For the video to be active in your mobile device it is necessary that its plays in the foreground else the video will go into the pause mode.
But now we will give you an alternative to this. Now you can play YouTube videos and work simultaneously on your iPad/iPhone. All this without making YouTube take a pause. Here’s the idea….

How to play YouTube videos - Tips

  • Firstly open the Safari browser on your iOS gadget
  • Play any video or song on YouTube website
  • Tap the ‘Home’ button or swipe to choose an app, you will see that the YouTube video has paused
  • Now swipe from the bottom of the screen and open the ‘Control Panel’
  • Tap the play button and your video will once again start playing

Now you can switch between apps with your YouTube video playing in the background. This technique will work even if your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have the updated version of the iOS. If you are not using iOS7 then all you have to do is to double tap the Home button, swipe the notifications bar (left to right) and press the play button to resume your video on YouTube. Handy…isn’t it?

LG G Pro Lite now on snapdeal for 18,300

LG had recently announced the launch of G Pro Lite and as of now the smartphone is available online on The cost of the smartphone is Rs.18, 300.  However the smartphone is not available in any of the other online stores like infbeam or flipkart. It can only be found on

LG G Pro Lite -

The LG G Pro Lite comes with a dual-core MediaTek MT6577 chipset processor with around 1GB of RAM. The smartphone carries a 5.5 inch display with a 960 X 540 px resolution. LG G Pro lite flaunts its 8GB in-built expandable storage which can be achieved with a microSD card. The smartphone comes with a 8MP rear camera. The front camera is of 1.3 MP which is used for video calling. The device is powered by Andriod 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

The smartphone is extremely sleek and measures around 9.4mm in thickness and weighs approximately 160 grams. The smartphone supports Bluetooth 3.0. A-GPS, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0. It comes in two color variants – Black and White! The smartphone runs on a long-standing battery of 3140mAh.

LG G Pro Lite carries an attractive stylus that can be fitted into the device. The stylus can be utilized for handwriting recognition and other such useful apps. Gadget freaks who wish to buy this smartphone can do so by logging onto

With awesome features and an amazing price tag, LG G Pro Lite is expected to be a strong contender to many other smartphones in its class.

Sony to launch Xperia Z1S and Xperia Taichi

The news of Sony organizing an event on the 12th of November to unveil two of its latest releases – Xperia Z1S and Xperia Taichi has taken the Internet by storm. The release event is expected to be held in Shanghai.
Take a look at some of the awesome features which Xperia Z1S will carry:


  • A 4.3 inch 720 pixel display

  • Quad-core CPU powered by Snapdragon 800 chipset

  • 20 MP G-Lens camera

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