How to access your old notifications in Android

At times you might end up dismissing the notifications without reading them. Then you would like to see what those notifications were and go from one menu to another trying to track it. So if this is possibly what you have been doing all these days, then here is a simple yet effective solution to this whole problem.


If you have pressed the dismiss icon and done away with some important notification then here’s what you have to do…
If your phone supports the latest version of Android or Jelly Bean then you could probably track the log of notifications quite easily.
• Firstly go to the ‘Home’ screen of your Android phone and select the apps icon
• Now move to ‘Widgets’ tab.
• Tap and hold the settings shortcut to place it on the home screen
• In the given list of options choose ‘Notifications’.
• Just tap the notification icon which is now there on your home screen and see the list of notifications displayed in the reverse chronological manner.

Information such as the name of the app, title of the app, icon of the app and time when the notification appeared on the tray will be displayed.
You can also use this notification shortcut to disallow selective apps from sending notifications to your Android phone. All you need to do is to tap the name of the app and deselect the ‘Show Notifications’ option from the app’s information page.

Whatsapp scores with 400 million active monthly users

The most popular messaging application has managed to amass 400 million active monthly users till date. Whatsapp has become a huge hit amidst the teens of today. The app has reportedly crossed 400 million user-per-month mark and set a new milestone in its track record. In the last four months alone, Whatsapp invited 100 million users from all over the world. The app has been an instant hit with its smart features which connects people from every nook and corner of the world.


The app allows users to send instant messages and connect with their friends. Users can also send videos, audio clips and photos via this app. The mobile phone numbers of your friends using Whatsapp shows up in your list as well. This helps you to connect with your friends much faster. The app is platform compatible and can be used across Windows, iPhone, Android, Blackberry with ease.

Statistics reveal that Whatsapp had around 350 million active users in the month of October. 50 million more users joined the league within the next three months. The app will leave Facebook and other popular social networking apps behind with its popularity. Whatsapp users send almost 16 billion messages and receive around 32 billion each day. 500 million photos are exchanged every day via this app.
With Line up close in the competition, Whatsapp is on its toes to bring something new to its huge fan following. The app stands apart for its simplicity which makes it a hot favorite among users and different from its competitors.

Sony launches PS4 in India for Rs. 39, 999

Sony has finally launched its exciting new version of gaming console, PS4, in India. The Sony PS4 is now made available for PlayStation lovers in India, putting an end to an anxious wait. The PlayStation 4 is priced at Rs. 39, 999 and carries a whole new range of fascinating features. The compatible games for PS4 are available from Rs. 3, 499.
The PS4 comes with a AMD 8 core 64 bit processor and houses a GDDR5 memory of 8 GB. The PlayStation’s yet another configuration update include an AMD Radeon GPU. Along with this users will get a 500GB HDD and a Blu-Ray Disc drive with the latest social features. PS4 supports USB 3.0, Ethernet, Bluetooth, AUX and HDMI out port.


 The DualShock 4 controller is the classy highlight of PS4 which comes with a share button, headphone jack and light bar. With the share button users can project their play in a real time environment via supporting websites like Ustream. This feature also allows users to share videos and images on the social network. PlayStation lovers will be bowled over by Sony PS4’s nouvelle input method which comprises of front end touchpad.

Since its launch in the US, on November 15th, almost 2.1 million PS4 devices have been sold out. This new version of PlayStation from Sony is grabbing the interest of PS lovers from all over the world. India will be next up in line to be taken over by the PS4 storm, very soon!

Facebook to add a new ‘Sympathy’ button

Many a times your friend might put up a status on Facebook saying ‘Feeling low!’ Now obviously you will not want to put a ‘like’ for the status posted. Facebook has come up with a new ‘Sympathy’ button to help you express your emotions better. Facebook, in recent times, has been introducing classy changes. One of which being the search graph.
Now the sympathy button is yet another feather in the cap. The sympathy button will have a drop down list which reflects a user’s mood. When a user selects the status from the drop down as sad then the like symbol will change into a sympathy button. However when a user selects a sympathy button, a count will add up to the like button.


 The new sympathy button will help people express themselves better. The social network has introduced friendly enhancements from time to time to make user experience better. Facebook uses a novel approach when it comes to giving something new to its users. Instead of letting the users take help of monotonous emoticons, Facebook has come up with a classic solution. All you have to do is to click on the sympathy button for posts which show mood drops.

But users are still in the dark about the official roll out of the feature. However reliable sources reveal that the sympathy button feature will be visible on the social network by early next year.

Samsung Chromebook hits Indian market at Rs. 26, 990

Samsung Chromebook will be making its debut in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs. 26, 990. The Chromebook received positive feedbacks way back in 2012 when it was first launched in the US. Till date Samsung tops the chart of bestsellers on Amazon and other online shopping platforms.
Samsung Chromebook will reach its users at the launch price of Rs. 26, 990. The sleek and slim Chromebook shall be an absolute entertainer for those hooked to the Internet. The comparatively lower price tag will make it an instant hit amidst regional users. The Chromebook won the likes of users on Amazon in the US and UK. The reviews received reflect the same.

Let’s take a look at some of its awesome features:

• Powered by Google’s Chrome OS
• 11.6 inch display with a 1366X768 pixel resolution
Lightweight and portable. Weighs around 1.1 kg.
17.5 mm thickness
1.7 GHz Samsung Exynos 5 Dual processor
6.5 hours of battery life
16GB solid drive data
100GB Google cloud storage (valid for 2 years)
• Built in dual band Wi-Fi
3G modem
VGA camera
HDMI/USB/Micro USB port
Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility









The Chromebook will be made available online via chosen retailers like Croma stores and Reliance Digital. In addition Google will be offering exclusive broadband services via its tie up with reputed cellular networks. As of now Airtel has come up with free 3G/4G dongle plans for Chromebook users. Tikona, on the other hand, is offering a Wi-Fi router and 20 months broadband pack for Rs. 4, 999 with a speed of 4 Mbps.
The Chromebook comes stuffed with rich apps like Gmail, Hangout, YouTube and many more.