Idea launches 3G NetSetter Dongle for Rs. 2, 160

Idea Cellular brings to the market its latest find! Idea’s 3G dongle with a speed of 21.6 Mbps has hit the market with a price tag of Rs. 2,160. The 3G dongle comes with data packs ranging from Rs. 250 to Rs. 1250 for 1 to 10 GB of data.
Idea cellular has launched its latest version of the NetSetter 3G dongle in one its most lucrative markets. The dongle supports HSPA and gives a download speed of up to 21.6 Mbps. The uploading speed stands at 5.76 Mbps. A micro SD card supports 32GB of data storage.


 The NetSetter dongle is said to be India’s first Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 certified device. IT also carries a Microsoft RT certification. The 3G dongle is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows and many other platforms. The device supports EDGE and GPRS networks as well.

A built in SMS manager allows users to read, write and reply to text messages. Users can create and edit contacts which can be ultimately stored on the SIM card or even on a laptop. The 3G dongle will stand out in the crowd for its unique ‘SMS Manager’ feature.
The Idea NetSetter will be made available across all 3G markets including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and many others. The dongle can be purchased from any of Idea’s retail outlet across India.
Presently the dongle is priced at Rs. 2,160. Idea users can choose from a whole range of data packs which comes along with the NetSetter 3G dongle. Starting at Rs. 250 for 1GB, the data packs extend to Rs. 1250 for 10GB.

iPad Air and iPad Mini to enter India by December 7

Tech-lovers we are back again with some great news! Apple has officially announced the launch of iPad Air and iPad Mini in the Indian market. From December 7th onwards, users can get hold of these two new exciting gadgets from Apple. The iPad Air of 16GB capacity will carry a price tag of Rs. 35, 900 whereas the iPad Mini (16GB) will be available in the market for Rs. 28, 900.










A special feature of Air and Mini is its retina display. Its exclusive distribution partner, Ingram Micro, have officially announced the launch of the devices in the Indian market. The iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi enabled device will come with features like a magnificent 9.7 inch screen, sleek design and much more. The device weighs merely 453 grams. In comparison to other fourth generation iPads it is 20% slimmer and 28% lighter. iPad Air also comes with a narrow and embossed border which gives it a luxurious look.
However a formal announcement on the launch price is yet to be made by the distributors. Going by the sources iPad Mini Wi-Fi variants will be available in 32, 64, 128GB costing Rs. 35, 900, Rs. 42, 900 and Rs. 49, 900 respectively. iPad Air 16GB will cost Rs. 35, 900, 64GB for Rs. 49, 900 and 128GB for Rs. 58, 900. The cellular version starts at Rs. 44, 900 for 16GB and moves on to Rs. 65, 900 for 128GB.
India has seen a massive inflow in iPads since Google launched Nexus 7. However the Nexus came with a comparatively lower price tag than iPad Mini and Air. With the sudden rise in the demand for iPads, sales have doubled and the stores are running out of fresh stock.
Retailers are doing their best to make sure that their customers don’t go home empty handed!

Amazon to introduce Package Delivery Drones

If you wish to go shopping online then probably there is no better place than From mobiles, books to trendy handbags, this shopping portal has added a new definition to luxury. Sitting at home you could order anything and everything with just a click. Amazon is world renowned for its quality and gunshot delivery. Order from anywhere and everywhere; your product will be at your doorstep within the blink of an eye.


Amazon has taken a step further in catering to its huge customer base. This time around will be roping in high-end technology to deliver packages to customers. Amazon is experimenting with a novel delivery system which uses ‘Drones’ as carriers. The system, is presently, termed as ‘Amazon Prime Air’. The drone will air lift packages and deliver it to customers who are within 16km of Amazon’s delivery radar. The drone will be able to fly packages weighing 2.27 kg approximately. These unmanned air vehicles, called drones, will slash delivery time by almost 30 minutes. However the system will touch reality only after a span of 4 to 5 years since the vehicles are yet to obtain the consent of the FAA. Once the system goes ariel, product deliveries will become quicker and less tedious.

The drones will be technologically affluent to deliver products to customers who live within 16 km of Amazon’s distribution points. Amazon has many such distribution centers spread out across different tracts and devising such a delivery system will only make customer servicing more feasible.

So once you place an order online you can expect the product to reach you much faster than a pizza!

How to take screenshots on your Android Phone

It is not that every other day you come across this technical hitch but when you do it is absolutely annoying. Let us suppose that you have managed to hit the top score in one of the creative Google Doodle games. You are extremely excited and wish to share this with your friends. You leave your phone on the table only to come back and see that your naughty sibling has reset the game and played from start. Your hard earned top score vanishes into thin air!


No worries! All you have to do is to take a screenshot, save it and flaunt your achievement to the world.

We will tell you how….
For all Android Phone users taking a screenshot is probably the easiest of tasks. Here’s how to do it:
• Press the ‘POWER’ and ‘VOLUME DOWN’ button of your Android phone. You will see your phone take a shot of the now open screen.
• Now you will see a message saying ‘Saving Screenshot’ at the top of your window screen.
• In the notification tray of your Android phone you will be able to see your saved screenshot.
• Click on the share icon to share it across and via different platforms like Twitter, Gmail, Bluetooth, Facebook, Picasa and many others.
• A copy of the screenshot will be saved in your Image Gallery
For Samsung users there is a slight change in the trick!
All you have to do is hold the ‘POWER’ button and the ‘HOME’ button to take a screenshot. The other steps are same as above.
Handy, isn’t it?

How to access recently closed tabs on Google Chrome

When your Google Chrome shuts down unexpectedly, then on opening the browser you will be asked whether you wish to restore your closed tabs. But recently this feature has been disabled only to be replaced with a more handy one.This is probably one of the many convenient features which Google Chrome has designed in its latest update. Now you need not searching for your recently closed tabs in the Chrome history.


Just follow these simple steps to locate your recently opened tabs:

1. Press CTRL+T to open a new tab
2. Click on the three small horizontal lines to open the main menu
3. Hover your mouse on the ‘Recent Tabs’ options
4. Locate your recently closed tabs in the sub-menu that opens
5. Click on the option listed within the sub-menu and access your recently closed tab

This feature is absolutely handy since accessing your recently closed tab need not have to go through endless clicks. Short and sweet, Google Chrome makes user experience all the more friendly for its user base.
Yet another handy feature from Chrome involves access ‘Apps’ with a just a single click. To access Google Apps like ‘Google Play’, ‘Maps’, ‘Calendar’ and many more all you need to do is to click on the ‘Apps’ option to the left hand top corner of the Bookmarks Bar or simply click on the 9 dotted square to the right hand top corner of the newly opened tab.
If you happen to scan the Google Chrome browser a little more carefully you will end up spotting many such handy features. Try making use of these to get what you want with just a few clicks!
Happy Chroming!