Samsung launches 360 degree Ring Speakers

With loads of revelations in the visual arena, Samsung now sets foot in the audio field innovations. Samsung has geared up for its latest launch, a 360 degree ring speaker, at the upcoming CES in LAS VEGAS.

In-vogue audio products will catch the limelight at the 2015 CES with Samsung bringing in two of its contemporary launches, the WAM7500/6500 and a pile up of curved sound bars.

samsung speakers

The WAM6500 model is portable whereas the WAM7500 is a desktop one. When you look into the configuration of the two models both come with a ‘RING RADIATOR’ which allows sound to flow from a 360 degree angle giving a balance between treble and bass sounds. These speakers will come from the audio lab of Samsung headquartered in Valencia California.

The curved sound bar launches will find newer varieties of audio systems to back up its stunning curved TV’s. The 8k, 6.5k and 6.k series is designed perfectly to partner the curved TV’s.

These ring speakers from Samsung will bring to the doorstep of music lovers great quality music stuffed with more awesome features like wireless connectivity and much more.

So here’s your chance to enjoy music like never before with the 360 degree ring speakers from Samsung!