Shading alternate rows of Google Spreadsheet

If you have been experimenting with one of the many features of Google docs it is obvious to be awestruck with how much you can do this web tool. In yesteryears what you did with excel sheet was to enter rows of data and apply simple transformations to it. However the latest version of excel from Microsoft does everything from applying formulas to importing docs from anywhere onto your excel sheet.


Your desktop being static, Google has induced this tool into the Web making documents-anywhere-anytime feature even more versatile. If you have worked with Google sheet you might have by now been familiar with many of its convenient features.

Here we have one such handy tip for you make using Google Docs easier. For those who maintain data in a very organized manner coloring alternate rows of Google spreadsheet may make it even more convenient. Now doing that manually is quite a herculean task.

Just follow these simple steps and shade alternate rows of Google Spreadsheet without having to really do much!

1. Open Google spreadsheet and select ‘Conditional formatting’ option from the ‘Format’ menu.
2. Now select ‘Custom Formula’ from the sub-menu
3 . Enter the following formula into the text box for shading even rows and select a background color for the same
You need to specify a range to apply color for even rows
4. Now for odd rows enter the following formula, select any bgcolor of your choice and choose the range as well
Just save the conditions applied and check results

With the two simple formula wherein you whether rows are even or odd you would have colored alternate rows of a spreadsheet within a blink of an eye!