YouTube’s offline version launched in India

For all those of you who have been expecting an offline version of YouTube, here’s some good news! Now YouTube videos will be made available offline for Android and iOS devices in India. YouTube has launched this most awaited feature for the anxious users in India. This version allows users to download their favorite videos on Android or iOS which is ready for future viewing without the internet. All that users have to do is to sync with YouTube to watch their favorite videos.

To view the downloaded video you will have to play it via the YouTube app. You can download the app through Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. However the videos will be active offline only for a duration of 48 hours within which the videos have to be viewed else the offline version of the video shall expire. Users have to keep this tip in mind in order to avoid any issues pertaining to the download of copyrighted content on YouTube.
Almost all of India’s popular YouTube videos are ready for offline viewing. Mobile device is set to offer a phenomenal launch pad for the future of internet. In India the scope for internet penetration is huge with the country’s population contributing to a 5 billion video views per month. With the launch of the offline version of YouTube, tech giants are keen on setting new benchmarks in enhancing user experience. The offline version will help users overcome cost and speed issues which have been quite a barrier in streaming YouTube videos.
YouTube’s offline version release will help connect to a greater user network and add to the popularity of one of the largest video sharing platforms on the internet.